About Tor nodes.

For more informationtornode.nauzome.orgI would like you to refer to it, but I will write it lightly.

ram: We are operating a general node on a 1GB server from around January 2, 2022.

About censorship evasion mirrors.

main address

sub address

If blocked, please use sub-address.

There are no backdoors or viruses.

Runaway Girl/Boy Project (discontinued)

Now that I think about it, the account that sent random replies was burning with its own righteousness, I think this is spam as criticized, but I think it's a good idea for the page to be linked by the instance's admin. .

I used to have a hobby of Nekama, it's about deceiving people and I've already washed my feet.

However, we found many accounts who tried to have sex without contraceptives at that time.

I thought this was a serious problem.

It may be true that most of them are nekama.

detail: runaway.nauzome.org