This is Nauzome's Code of Ethics. Don't force it on others.

Created: 2022-12-22

Do not slander or participate in attacks.

I will not deny my character or participate in attacks. That includes glorifying violence.

No lynching.

Lynching (including activities such as identification) should not be done even if it is in the public interest. However, illegal data may be reported to the police.

However, I will not expose it.

Don't rely too much on the majority.

Don't overestimate what the majority or famous people have done. Stop and think if it's right. Also value your opinion.

Do not reveal secrets.

We will manage the server safely so that even the smallest secret will not be leaked, and we will also take measures against artificial leaks.

Censored, not deleted.

No matter how much I dislike ([1]), I won't delete it. We will only remove terms that were created in the public interest.

Even if the information is disadvantageous to me, I will not erase it or make it invisible.

1: Don't delete it just because you don't like it. Because don't forget that there is freedom of speech and it's an enforcement of my values.

I will not do anything that is not moderated.

There is a difference between not being moderated and not being deleted and being moderated and not being deleted.

We will review and respond to all reports. Even if it runs out of resources it will close.

No propaganda.

No propaganda, Sakura. This includes pretending to be your supporter.

Do not violate a clearly written license.

We do not infringe licenses except vague licenses and free data.

An ambiguous license is one that doesn't say where and how it can be used.