Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

I operate TorRelay and use the Internet

Origin of the name

I don't remember the origin of the name

Maybe it's just because I got the domain

How old are you?

She is 17 years old but will soon turn 18

What are your favorite earphones?

Apple's Earpods 3.5mm jack type

Can we meet?

You can also meet in the real world

I want to be friends

I'm happy! Please contact me

How many years have you been under the name nauzome?

About 3 or 4 years?

Place of residence

This is Urawa in Saitama Prefecture, Japan


I can barely speak Japanese



Favorite things

I like cinnamon roll, pasta, and fried foods


I like the Internet, cross-dressing, and listening to music

How to input using the keyboard

Kana input

What mobile phone do you use

I'm using Pixel 6a

Pixel allows you to easily burn custom ROMs


Amazon Prime, Apple Music, D Anime

Favorite song

ルナティッククレイジー嘘の火花raindanceovernightヴァミューダジグソーパズルアンスキルドーター惑星ラビットハッピーライフ再生LOVE YOU KILL YOUHeavenlyheavenアスファルトを鳴らしてアザミナ無自覚アプリオリGrab the Joystick!最終最高最大音量デイドリームファンタジアOur Story電光石火ジェラシーオシャレ大作戦だから僕は不幸に縋っていましたUNHAPPY CLUBされど奇術師は賽を振るサマーグラビティマシンガンポエムドールエレクトリック・パブリックバッドパラドックス

Favorite words

5 番組の途中ですが 2018/04/26(木) 19:27:18.58 ID:q+UNzJ/l0



Did you quit TorRelay?

I'm a little disappointed because I was sent an abuse and then stopped

I want to do it and am considering it, but the server company's fees are expensive

About multiple greetings

Sleeping twice may create multiple "good morning" messages

The correct wake-up time is the one posted most recently

About posting algorithm

I stopped using mysterious writing style

I want to access the .onion version of the site!


I want to know more about nauzome!

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