what are you doing

I'm an internet user and I repeatedly post things that don't matter every day.

Also, something I'm proud of is running TorRelay.



I don't remember the origin of the name. It might just be because I was able to get the domain.

Since when have you been using your name?

Twitter has been around since December 2020. At that time, I called myself VPNuser.

I think I changed my name to Nauzome after a while. In other words, Hanauzome is about 3 years old.

How old are you?

I am 17. I will be 18 years old in August 2024.

I can't hide my excitement at being able to sign up for a mobile phone contract.

contact address

Please feel free to add.

Nowzome is looking for friends.

icon cute

It was created by Nurucat.

Is not it fantastic! .


what mobile phone do you use

I am using iPhone13 and Pixel6a.

The iPhone 13 has a luxurious feel. It's great that you can easily burn custom ROMs on the Pixel.

Favorite things/things

  • See analytics
  • Take a photo with your mobile phone or camera
  • See scenic views
  • use the internet

Things/things I dislike

  • Some copyright laws
  • DMCA
  • Internet censorship exemplified by Golden Shield etc.
  • Sites to IP block

The person you respect

edward snowden

I consider PRISM's whistleblowing to be a major accomplishment.

Some media outlets are reporting that the suspect is Edward Snowden, but I have a lot of respect for him.

pavel durov

Telegram is a cross-platform and great messenger.

I really admire your efforts to stay online against censorship in various regions.

Attorney Masaki Kito

I learned a lot about cults.

When I look at his tweets and blogs, I feel a lot of sympathy for him, and at the same time, I respect that he has been active for a long time.

Noboru Daiyu

We are an operator of VPN (program) creation and censorship avoidance services.

I love “Koshikaran”. Let's talk about NTT again.

Titles omitted

useful program


You can generate any .onion address you like. Nowadays, with the improved performance of computers, it will be possible to create 7 characters in no time.


It is a decentralized SNS similar to Instagram.

By the way, this is below Uzome's account. Please follow me.



In fact, Telegram and several other companies provide clients for iOS/Android, Mac/Windows/Linux without using Electron.

There are many options, but let's use Telegram. Telegram is a client-focused messenger.


It's a useful Wiki. It's fun to add extensions. By the way, it was created by the developer of Wikipedia and is used on Wikipedia.

Please note that you cannot access your own Wiki sites using the Wikipedia mobile app. disappointment.

The future of the dream


I like traveling both domestically and internationally. I want to travel.

Earn money and operate TorRelay

I would like to use all the money except for living expenses and necessary money to operate TorRelay.

Become the man behind the house.

internet election

I am against internet elections.

This is a good way to increase voter turnout, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are the only person in front of the computer.

Internet Archive is not subject to copyright

The current Internet Archive services are not subject to copyright under any circumstances.

The Internet Archive, which is useful for viewing old sites and deleted pages, has been involved in a lawsuit, but since it is an archive, there is no problem.

Users who wish to view older sites should be prioritized.


Service responsibility

Service operators are in some cases obligated to take action when they discover violations, but in many cases they are not.

We also believe that service providers can disclaim any responsibility if it is unclear what is being exchanged in the service due to features such as E2EE.

I think people who attack from a safe place are assholes.

Regarding Russia and Ukraine, there was a stupid comment saying, ``Why don't the Russian people hold demonstrations? The Russian people are also to blame.'' But it's hard for Japan, where freedom of speech is guaranteed, to give orders to the Russian people. It's too irresponsible.

Some Russian citizens who took part in the demonstrations have also been detained.

pirated version

I have various thoughts about pirated copies. I would like to state here that I hate pirated copies.

I don't like the pirated site Mangamura, but I also don't like the publishers like Kadokawa that were making such a fuss about it. No, I don't like Kadokawa, regardless of pirated versions.

By the way, although Shueisha is legal under Japanese law, I believe it is a child pornography publication because it distributes magazines such as swimsuits for minors. Also, the chairman of Kadokawa is a criminal of corruption.

also don't really understand the definition of pirated copies. However, I might like Sci-Hub.


What is your favorite food


Ramen is a very delicious food. The following are recommended.

Natto/Egg (or both)

If you're going to eat it for the rest of your life, it's a very good option.

It is also essential for breakfast. delicious.

eggplant tempura

Even though it's fried, it's healthy and delicious.

delicious food shop


Is delicious. However, since it is popular, you need to be careful during lunch and holidays.

kitchen space garden

Is delicious. There are many kinds.


Is delicious. There are many set meals.

Items that can be cooked

Ginger grilled

Nowzome can make delicious ginger-yaki with batter.

miso soup

can create my favorite miso soup. I like tofu and wakame.

Are there any plans to operate a Tor bridge relay?

I have feelings but no knowledge.

Reasons for leaving TorRelay in 2022

It was stopped due to financial difficulties.

It has improved now.

The future of TorRelay

I was operating with multiple VPS and home servers, but VPS is slow in many cases even if it is unlimited, so I am planning to prepare multiple bare metal servers with unlimited capacity.

Bare metal servers are planned to be installed in the Netherlands/America/Asia.

I want to see the old site

See below.

Please note that some versions of the site may not be available and the content may be outdated.


About copyright

I hate copyright in all its forms, so I will waive copyright wherever I can.

However, the site itself depends on multiple frameworks, images, etc., and anything other than that is considered CC0.

Please refer to the licenses below for the frameworks and images used.


multiple greetings

If I sleep twice, multiple "good mornings" may be created.

The oldest one is the correct wake-up time

Wikipedia article worth reading

Aum Shinrikyo

I learned from this article that he runs a computer company.

Although the article is quite long, the content is clearly and carefully written, so you can read it quickly.

Also, if you check the editing history, it was edited on January 4, 2024 (January 13, 2024), so you can expect that the article is still being revised by many people.

History of Aum Shinrikyo

I'll post it in connection.

Autonomous system (Internet)

This was the article I read when I learned about ASN.

great firewall

This is the best article in Japanese about the Great Firewall (Golden Shield).