to be born

Apparently it was a rainy day


interested in vacuum cleaners

Apparently it was fun to play with the code.


Get to know Tor

I gave up because I couldn't read English.


Start writing on Tor

It hasn't caught fire yet.

Discover misskey instances on Tor

I still don't understand decentralized SNS.

Opened Twitter via Tor

At that time I was a vpnuser.


Run TorRelay

It was later closed and then reopened.

go up in flames

A warning was sent to a bulletin board where child pornography had been posted, causing an uproar. I still think some of it is true.

Opened cover.pm

Later closed (around 2022-12-31)

Start Translating Tor

The pace has slowed down recently.


.onion Wiki release

A Wiki that can be accessed and edited with .onion was released using MediaWiki.

Get mstdn.wiki

We acquired mstdn.wiki, which is now available for domain acquisition, and unofficially revived Mastodon Wiki.

Build @live

An attempt to stream a 24-hour timeline to YouTube Live and Twitch. I'm just shooting directly with OBS.


Build TorRelay

As of 2024/01/28, it is about 27Mib/s with 3 relays. Maybe there are also unapproved relays so it will be faster.

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